Theme 2 – Co-design

Theme 2 – Co-design

Taskforce meeting Sep 6
Beaumont, TX. Dr. Katherine Lieberknecht presents the SETx-UIFL overview during the Task Force meeting on September 6th, 2023.

Research goal:

The Co-design Theme aims to develop and implement a collaborative process to integrate research findings with community values and priorities. The team will thoughtfully link air and hydrological modeling and observations with residents’ knowledge and preferences to develop equitable adaptation strategies for acute and chronic climate-related stressors. The team uses qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, surveys, and participatory research), and virtual and mixed-reality simulations to rank local preferences.


  • Develop connections with groups of participants and prepare collaborative work
  • Develop and document a shared understanding of local values influencing climate adaptation and strategies
  • Integrate local input into Theme 1 scenarios and performance criteria for the hydrological and air quality model performance criteria
  • Translate local values, visions, and issues into a portfolio of climate adaptation strategies
  • Document the impacts of gray/green stormwater infrastructure under local urban conditions from four Lamar University-led green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) demonstration projects
  • Develop and rank preferred climate adaptation strategies while integrating information from hydrological and air scenarios, local knowledge and values, and equity metrics developed with Theme 3
  • Compare locally preferred climate adaptation strategies to portfolios developed without the community co-designed process.