Theme 3 – Equity

Theme 3 – Equity

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Research goal:

The SETx UIFL incorporates Equity (fairness and justice) as a central theme to inform locally-driven assessment of current and future climate-induced risks and proposed adaptation strategies. The Equity team has three overarching research goals: 

  1. Assess the distribution of climate, flooding, and air pollution risks
  2. Co-develop locally informed equity metrics specific to community dynamics
  3. Assess the impact of locally informed equity metrics on informing local co-designed adaptation decision making

The team uses qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, workshops), hazard exposure, physical, and social vulnerability and risk mapping methods.


  • Apply integrated environmental, health and social vulnerability data for equity metrics
    • Gather, clean and organize secondary demographic and economic data to generate housing unit-level social vulnerability indices
    • Incorporate health and environmental data to assess hot spots and Toxic Mobility Vulnerability Index into social vulnerability indicators
  • Engage stakeholders to validate and modify social vulnerability indicators in the area
    • Integrate available existing primary data on disaster experiences
    • Interview community stakeholders to understand place-based social vulnerability indicators
    • Engage residents to understand lived experience with environmental concerns
  • Develop and test visualization metrics for social vulnerability indicators